Welcome to the Bermuda System

Welcome to the Bermuda System, soldier! This isolated corner of the galaxy is home to three very different worlds, each with its own set of unique challenges. Your job is to survey the planets, terminate any hostile forces, and, hopefully, return home in one piece.


Excelcion is the first planet in the Bermuda System. It's abundant with natural resources, which is why the Federation established mining facilities here. However, a giant meteor impacted the planet around 20 years ago. The force of the collision caused extreme environmental changes and plunged Excelcion into an ice age. According to our records, savage wild xenoforms from the polar regions migrated to every corner of the planet and made it too dangerous to continue mining operations safely.

Your first mission: Eliminate all wild xenoforms within the outpost, clearing the way to reestablish the base.

Known hostiles:

Ice Hopper

Ice Titan

Space Pirate


This is Bion, second planet in the Bermuda System. An ancient race that once lived on this planet possessed a unique culture. Our best translations suggest that they followed a tenet system referred to as the Orb. However, our scans show no trace of this race. We can only assume they went extinct a long time ago. What our scans have detected, though, is a mysterious signal coming from one of the temples on the surface.

Your first mission: Discover the source of a mysterious signal coming from within a temple on Bion.

Known hostiles:

Fire Hopper

Omega Hopper



Talvania, the third planet in the Bermuda System, was once home to an advanced machine race. Low-grade orbital scans suggest centuries of neglect. However, there are no signs of any kind of disastrous event. The current theory is that the machines simply abandoned the planet. We would have more detailed scans, but there is some kind of electromagnetic interference coming from the planet, specifically from an old power station.

Your first mission: Stop the electromagnetic interference coming from the station.

Known hostiles:

Security Bot


Armored Bot

Galactic Federation Intel File: Space Pirates

A ruthless group of loathsome creatures, Space Pirates have invaded and captured countless planets in the galaxy, raiding their resources and enslaving their inhabitants. Their insidious threat inspired the formation of the Federation Force.